Mr. Kline

6th Grade
World Cultures


 Classroom Expectations

1. Enter the room quietly.

2. Come prepared to learn and have all materials needed for class.

3. Get your binder, composition notebook, sharpen your pencil and be in your seat when the tardy bell rings.

4. Write down the agenda from the board.

5. IF A WARM UP IS GIVEN, Begin Working quietly on the warm up. If no warm up is given, wait quietly for further directions.

6. Raise your hand for permission to speak, to go to the restroom and to get out of your seat.

7. The teacher dismisses the class, not the clock, bell or other students.

Consequences If Classroom Expectations Are Not Met:

1. Conference with student about his/her behavior.


2. If no changed in behavior, the student received a “Refusal To Comply” sheet.




Date: _____________


I, ________________________, was told to ______________________________ in class today.


This is not the first time nor the first day that Mr. Kline had to tell me to _______________________.


Instead of following instructions given, I decided to ___________________________________.


Because I am continuing to disrupt the learning environment, I will be assigned detention the next time that I am told to stop.


                ______________________                                ______________________

                    Student’s Signature                                              Parent’s signature



Teacher’s Signature


This sheet is filled out by the student, I signed the sheet and the student takes the sheet home for the parent/guardian to signed.


3. If  no changed in behavior, lunch detention is assigned and the parent is contacted via email.